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      To create prescription glasses to your specific requirements, you will need an up to date spectacle prescription (less than 2 years old) and your Pupillary Distance (PD).

      If you are unsure of your PD measurement please see our guide by clicking here 

      If you have you any questions regarding your prescription please email us at info@oculy.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

      Your prescription details are added at the shopping cart stage of your purchase. 

      If you don't require prescription glasses and just want to create a pair of Oculy glasses or sunglasses for fun or to accessorize an outfit, don’t worry this is still possible. We will simply swap the lenses with high-quality none prescription lenses.

      Just select Non-Prescription on the Prescription tab.

      When you have ordered your Oculys you will receive a confirmation email and we will set about creating your design before sending them directly to your doorstep.

      All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

      Due to the bespoke nature of the product, changes to the order are problematic. If we haven’t started the production process, typically less than 1hr - it may be possible to change your order. If the production process has started it will not be possible to change your order.

      Oculys with prescription lenses cannot be ordered for customers under the age of 16. Under 16’s can however have non-prescription glasses ordered for them. We are also unable to provide prescription lenses for customers registered blind or partially sighted.

      You can order Oculys outside of the UK. 

      Due to the fact, that Oculy frames and lenses are bespoke, it can take a little longer to receive your glasses. It can take up to 4 weeks in production time, but we aim to have all designs fulfiled prior to this time. 

      We are unable to accept either NHS vouchers or eyecare vouchers at his time.


      Thin and lightweight lens are up to 20% thinner and recommended for prescriptions over +/- 2.00

      The anti-glare coating reduces the reflection and glare you see through your glasses

      The upgrades which include UV protection help to keep your eyes safe from harmful light rays.

      If you are unsure of what your Pupillary Distance (PD) is or how to measure please check out our guide by clicking here

      Currently, we don’t offer the option of bifocal or varifocal glasses in the Oculy range of glasses. This is in our future plans.  

      Due to the manufacturing and dyeing process of Oculy glasses, each batch will vary slightly in colour. Although we do our best to ensure that the glasses created match as close as possible to that displayed on the screen, minor variations in colour are inevitable. 

      Here at Oculy, we offer both gold or silver mirrored lens options as a stylish addition to your sunglasses. As well as giving protection from glare and UV rays as with all Oculy sunglasses, these coatings will really stand out in a crowd. Click here to view our gold mirrored lenses and here to view our silver mirrored lenses.

      The temple tips are easily adjusted to fit without the need  of a professional or tools and the fit can also be altered and maintained overtime when regular glasses could loosen.


      All orders come with free delivery. Individual glasses orders are delivered by tracked Royal Mail. 

      Each pair of Oculys will be dispatched separately. This will prevent any delay in
      arrival times in cases of multiple orders where options have been
      selected that may increase production time.

      For all UK glasses orders, individual glasses orders are delivered by tracked 48-hour Royal Mail.

      Failure to accept delivery of your Oculys may result in an additional fee.

      If the order is lost in the post a replacement will be supplied. 

      You have 14 days to return your Oculys from your date of receipt if for any reason you are unhappy. For more details please see our returns policy


      The glasses are manufactured in London, UK.

      A digital 3D version template (a CAD file) of the glasses has been created and sent to the manufacturers. The manufacturers convert the CAD file into STL format and checks for any errors in the design. This file is then imported into a slicing software package and cut up into hundreds or thousands of slices that range from 0.01mm - 0.3mm thick. The machine then takes each of these slices and lay/melt/cure the material one layer at a time so that it bonds with the lower layer. This layer building process is repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times until the product is made. Once the print is completed support material is brushed off and blasted with compressed air. The glasses are then dyed to the required colour and assembled in our Birmingham office before being delivered to your door.

      The process works using a print bed covered with white Nylon powder. Using a laser, the machines melt certain areas of the print bed ‘colouring in’ the areas to be printed. The bed then drops by 0.1mm and is re-coated ready for another print layer.

      The benefits of this process are that the laser blends layers together meaning there are far fewer visible layer lines than found when using alternative printing methods. The material is strong and durable and can be post processed and finished.

      3D printing of Oculys reduces the cutting waste, gives less possibility of errors and is a cost effective method, so we can pass the savings on to you. 

      Due to the innovative 3D printing manufacturing process Oculy glasses have a distinctive matt finish that we liken to the surface of a soft mint. As well as looking great, this distinctive texture also helps to prevent rubbing and irritation from your spectacles.