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      What is Pupillary Distance(PD)?

      The Pupillary Distance (PD) refers to the distance between the centre of the pupils of the eyes and is measured in millimetres. This measurement is important when buying a pair of glasses as the centre of each lens should align with the centre of your pupils for maximum comfort and performance.

      How to measure your PD?

      Your prescription from your optician may include the details of your PD but if not below is our guide on how to measure it:

      1.  Find a ruler
      2. Stand in front of a mirror and hold the ruler against your eyebrow whilst lining it up directly over the centre of your right pupil ensuring that the ruler is horizontal.
      3. While looking straight ahead, measure the distance from the centre of your right pupil to the centre of your left pupil.
      4. Repeat a couple of times for accuracy and use an average for your final measurement.

      The industry standard measurement for PD is 63mm for men and 61mm for women

      Example of PD Measuring